Friday, May 18, 2018

Take NEW YORKERS RISE UP PLEDGE to Pass Pending Gun Safety Bills in New York State Now!!


By signing our pledge, you are telling your senator that you are done waiting for the next mass shooting, done with active shooter drills, and done being scared to leave your home

Dear Friend,

The mission of New Yorkers Rise Up is to support specific pieces of legislation currently pending in the New York State Senate. We created a pledge that says that voters will not re-elect their senator if they do not support these bills: 

  • S.7133A the EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDER, which allows for courts to issue an order that would seize or prohibit the sale of firearms to people who are likely to harm themselves or others, and
  • S.5808A, which establishes a ten day waiting period, extending the current three day period, to conduct background checks for individuals attempting to purchase a gun. Additionally, this legislation also requires licensed gun dealers to report the criminal purchase of a weapon and will require background checks for any employees authorized to possess or transfer guns. 

These bills are not especially revolutionary or progressive: they are common-sense gun reforms that will save lives. All of these bills fall within the scope of the second amendment and, therefore, do not infringe upon our constitutional rights. To keep the deadliest weapons out of the hands of those who are likely to use them for harm must be our first priority. These bills are a strong step towards a future where near-constant fear of death by gun violence is no longer the norm. With these thousands of pledges in each of the 63 New York State Senate districts we will express to Albany how many voters are passionate about this cause and are willing to vote out any senators that do not advocate for such legislation. Enough is enough and we will continue fighting until not one more person is killed by a gun.

We are currently reaching out to you in the hopes that you can sign the pledge and send it to friends and family. The legislative session ends at the end of June, so it is extremely important for this legislation to be passed before then. It will only take a minute to fill out and will go a LONG way.

You can find the pledge on our website:

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