Thursday, March 29, 2018

March for Our Lives (3.24.18) -- Washington DC

Photo credit: Andrew Courtney

Broward Co. Florida schools
Olympia, Washington  Waldorf School Students

Lexington Kentucky H.S.
Maryland H,S,

Indiana H.S>

Ferguson Mo.  H,S,

Detroit, Michigan H.S.

West Virginia H.S.

a Christian Group
Williamsport, Indiana
San Antonio, Texas Family

Louisville, Kentucky H.S.

Teachers group from Iowa, Florida, N. Carolina, New York.
Amy Goodman “Democracy Now”   Takes a call
Goose Creek, South Carolina H.S.
Brunswick, Md. H.S.
Andrew with Margery Stoneham Douglas H.S. student and teachers

Humvee seals off 11th and E at the Harrington Hotel

Miami Fla. H.S.
Broward Co, Fla. Students at the Harrington

80 years ago she was a High school Student at Robert E, Lee H.S. in Richmond Va.

Detroit Mi. studtents
Detroit, Mi.   students

DC group

Fredrickburg, Va.  Students

Evansville, Ill.  Students
Sorry, lost note on this group

Desiree was the model for this poster

Parkland Fla. Students