Thursday, June 14, 2018

NY Senators: Please Pass Extreme Risk Protection Act Now, Without Delay!!

New York needs an Extreme
Risk Protection Order law.  
Demand action today!

Dear friend,

For months, young people have been leading the fight to end gun violence and demanding action from our lawmakers. And it's working--on the state level.  In fact, since the Parkland mass shooting, five states have passed Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) laws to prevent mass shootings, suicides, and other gun violence.

But New York is not yet one of those states. With less than a week left of the legislative session, now is the time for New York to pass an Extreme Risk Protection Order law.  An ERPO law would empower family, household members, and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily remove guns from individuals who are dangerous to themselves and others. And a new proposal announced by Governor Cuomo would enable school officials to request court intervention as well.

The NYS Assembly and the Senate Judiciary Committee passed ERPO, and students and advocates across the state are urging the NYS Senate to bring the bill to a vote on the Senate floor. We've made progress but our work is not done.

Please call your State Senator TODAY and demand that your lawmaker protect our children--and all New Yorkers--by passing an Extreme Risk Protection Order law this week.  For our families, our teachers, and our New York communities, we must act now.
Thank you!

Rebecca Fischer, Executive Director